Page of the Quality Assurance team of LibreOffice

Welcome to the LibreOffice Quality Assurance Web Page

You've arrived at the homepage of the Quality Assurance team. QA is a vital part of any software project, as it is where code is put to the test to ensure the best user experience possible. Every piece of software has its share of bugs - it is the job of QA to ensure that these bugs are found, confirmed, highlighted & prioritized so developers can fix them.

Here you will find information about the primary role of LibreOffice QA, how QA goes about fulfilling this role, and how to get involved, and even learn a bit about some of our team members.

If you are new to the project and wish to contribute, QA is a fantastic entry point for many reasons, one of the best reasons being contributing through the QA process requires no coding experience. We encourage you to explore this site, join us on IRC, join our mailing list, and to contact any of the team members listed on our QA team page with any questions you may have.

Primary Responsibility

The primary responsibility of QA can easily be summarized as:

Doing our due dilligence to ensure a great user experience

  1. That the intention of developers work (the code of LibreOffice) is achieved. 
  2. To facilitate user communication to developers
  3. To assist in prioritizing the bug fixing process in order to achieve point 1 & 2

How We Accomplish Our Goal(s)

  • Bug Confirmation/Prioritization (beginner task): The great thing about open source is that users participate heavily in bug reporting. It is the job of QA to investigate these bugs, confirm them, and lastly prioritize them. This process is known as triaging. For detailed instructions on this process please read our WIKI.

  • Bug Finding (beginner task): As stated above, most of our bugs are reported by dedicated users, this being said, QA also has just to use the product in as many unique ways as possible to find, report and prioritize bugs. Most bug finding by QA is done on pre releases and is focused primarily on new features. To download a pre-release please visit: download and install LibreOffice Beta versions and Release Candidates
  • Manual Testing (advanced task): You can help with regular regression tests. Just choose a test cases in MozTrap and follow the instructions. If you think a useful check is missing, you can add it. Finally, you could help in stabilizing new features. Just take one, play with it, and report problems.
  • Automatic Testing (advanced task): It might be an interesting introduction into the LibreOffice development if you write your own automatic check. Even non developers could provide test documents for some special tests.

How To Get Involved

Getting involved with QA is incredibly easy. As mentioned at the beginning of this page no programming skills are needed to get involved with QA work. That being said, there are a few personality traits that are needed by our QA team:

  1. Patience - bug reporting takes a tremendous amount of this
  2. Attention to detail - bug reports are often a step by step process, you must be able to follow these steps to a T.
  3. Communication skills - in general, QA is very involved with talking to users,so good communication skills are a must
  4. Time - Five minutes a week is enough to triage a bug or two which heps a lot, the more time the better
  5. English - while this is not required per se, it helps a lot as our bug tracker is explicitly English only to facilitate international participation

If you have at least the first four things we encourage you to get involved. The easiest way to do this is to collaborate with experienced QA members. We have two primary ways to accomplish this and our team prides itself in its friendly and jovial nature. If you put out minimal effort - we will meet you more than half way :) Please find us on: